• At our core, we prioritize your well-being.

  • We comprehend your needs and concerns.

  • Your care and priorities are our focus.

  • We provide you with expert, evidence-based solutions.

PositiveGems, a brand so lit,

We got your back, bro, head to toe, that's legit.
From wellness to grub, and hair game strong,
We got dope stuff that'll rock your throng.

We're a pharma crew, here to stay,
But we ain't just about pills, no play.
We spread good vibes, joy, and care,
Making sure you fam stay aware.

Our products are tested, real deal, no bluff,
So trust us, and stay in the know, no huff.
We're a chill brand, love seeing you grin,
Our caring vibes gonna linger under your skin.

We want you fit, fly, feeling fine,
Supporting you always, every single time.
Our men's wellness line is next level,
Keeps you in shape, top form, on the revel.

Nutrition game on point, you see,
Fueling your bod, it's the key.
And our hair care range, yo, no joke,
Keeps your locks on fleek, never broke.

At PositiveGems, we ain't just a brand,
We a fam, lending a helping hand.
So come through, join our tribe,
We promise to keep you live, happy, and thrive.

  • Trusted by over half a million subscribers

    Unlocking Health Potential, One Gem at a Time

  • One-on-one support from certified medical experts

    Powered by PositiveGems TeleHealth Clinics

  • Multinational Wellness Conglomerate

    Featured in Various News Outlets

  • 10 million+ Monthly Active Visitors and continues to grow.

    Out of every 13 men in USA, at least one visits the PositiveGems website or stores once a month.

  • Vetted, licensed providers for every treatment

    Certified Medical Professionals

  • PositiveGems Products are Registered in Multiple Countries.

    Including United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, UAE, India.

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Delivery Time

PositiveGems produces its products in India and ships them straight to your doorstep in the United States within 3-4 days using reliable DHL/Fedex Courier service.

The product prices cover everything from shipping to taxes, so there are no sneaky additional costs or surprises.

Rest assured, you'll receive the product hassle-free and without any inconvenience.

Cruelty Free

Animal-friendly vibes
Our products are 100% free of any animal-derived ingredients.

Price Match

We Price Match· You can claim a refund* for the difference if you find your reservation cheaper on another US website.

100% shipping protection, no doubt about it.

We've got you covered from government duties to taxes, so no hidden fees.
And if our ultimate delivery experience doesn't leave you satisfied, we've got your back with a full shipping refund*.